Manufacturing and production

Design and manufacture of various product in Kavosh niroo in two ways of direct design and reverse engineering after accurate studies and engineering design, is done. Engineers and experts of the company after surveying existing system and study of methods and new technologies at the same time and according to desired inputs and outputs, begin designing and try to provide the best and easiest way in accordance with customer requirements. It should be noted that all company products have laboratory and industrial test certificate and have been approved by customers. The company try to produce in accordance with international standards, as far as getting quality standard is one of the most important goal of the company. The most important construction project can be mention the following:

Build transformer anti-theft sensors جولای 10, 2016

This project is defined to prevent theft of power stations in inaccessible areas. And in the event of theft and opening the power station doors the sensors activate and trough GPRS and modems manufactured by this company , will send an alert to center.

Gas turbine speed sensor جولای 10, 2016

Theses sensors are designed and build for measuring the speed of gas turbine blades in high temperature. This product is manufactured under license of Zorya company (in Ukraine) and for the first time in our country is produced. This necessary to say that this product have been installed on the turbines

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