improving the control system for 2 set of Hitachi Gantry Crane

This project ordered by Port & Maritime Organization in March 2015. Our expert are improving

the control system for 2 set of Hitachi Gantry Crane .

Operating activity are as follow :

– Replacement of distribution frames

– Repair and optimization of cable trolley system

– Inverter replacement

– Installing medium voltage panel

– Design and manufacture the control panel via PLC

– Design and produce operator console

– Replacement the tacho‐generator with encoder

– Improving trim & hoist system

– Replacing the motor generator with transformerKavosh niroo company at the request of general directorate of port and maritime of Khoozestan province and under the supervision of consulting engineer of Aytsn and by employing experienced  team , act to implement the project of two Hitachi Gantry Crane cranes of Imam seaport. This project that has begun from February 2015 and now is running and will take to February 2016.

Executive program of this project include:

Collecting and replacement of electrical panels and distribution

-Replacement of new drives

-Installation of MV boards

-Designing and construction of control panel based on PLC

-Designing and construction of operator console

-Swapping gauge positioning system of ecology and identity

-Replacement of Tacogenerator device with Andker

-Replacing engine generator by transformers

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