Using GSM/GPRS system for data transfer in networks municipal services and in developed societies is very common. By using this system we can provide at minimal cost many services that require control and monitoring. By using this system remote reading and control network water, electricity and gas are possible and in cases that controlled equipment are distributed in geographical zone, we can carry out control and monitoring operation. This modem is compatible with a variety of collectors and counters that are designed based on MOBUS and DLMS protocol land EC62056-21 standard, they can also read and transfer RECLOSERS data, that made by INIEC and NULEC, to central server. The modem manufactured by this company can be controlled by central server in order to be applied to equipment.

-The ability to transfer data to the server on GSM and GPRS package digital output VAC/10A 220 to connect or disconnect the modem`s contactor.

-The ability to send a command to outputs via the internet and SMS and 2 analog inputs/ 4 digital inputs/outputs 12 and 5 volts

-port RS232 and RS485, ability to use variety of SIM cards

-Internal memory to store the modem setting

– Display signal by LED

-The external programming

-concurrent connection to 1 to 32 counters and sending and monitoring data simultaneously through a divider

-microcontroller with high security and protection against noise and environmental factors

-fireproof box made of polyamide, IP65

Gas turbine speed sensor

Theses sensors are designed and build for measuring the speed of gas turbine blades in high temperature. This product is manufactured under license of Zorya company (in Ukraine) and for the first time in our country is produced. This necessary to say that this product have been installed on the turbines and put into operation and its result performance in comparison with foreign sample approved by employer.

This product is produced in three version as below:

  • LPC sensor with tolerance temperature of 120°C and 1000Hz
  • HP sensor with tolerance temperature of 220°C and 1200Hz
  • PT sensor with tolerance temperature of 460°C and 6000Hz

improving the control system for 2 set of Hitachi Gantry Crane

This project ordered by Port & Maritime Organization in March 2015. Our expert are improving

the control system for 2 set of Hitachi Gantry Crane .

Operating activity are as follow :

– Replacement of distribution frames

– Repair and optimization of cable trolley system

– Inverter replacement

– Installing medium voltage panel

– Design and manufacture the control panel via PLC

– Design and produce operator console

– Replacement the tacho‐generator with encoder

– Improving trim & hoist system

– Replacing the motor generator with transformerKavosh niroo company at the request of general directorate of port and maritime of Khoozestan province and under the supervision of consulting engineer of Aytsn and by employing experienced  team , act to implement the project of two Hitachi Gantry Crane cranes of Imam seaport. This project that has begun from February 2015 and now is running and will take to February 2016.

Executive program of this project include:

Collecting and replacement of electrical panels and distribution

-Replacement of new drives

-Installation of MV boards

-Designing and construction of control panel based on PLC

-Designing and construction of operator console

-Swapping gauge positioning system of ecology and identity

-Replacement of Tacogenerator device with Andker

-Replacing engine generator by transformers

Boiler control system, Mobarake steel company

this project was executed to optimize the boiler control system , in Mobarake steel this project the old 50-ton boiler control system relevant to cold rolling mill steam supply ,have been replaced and the new system based on Siemens PLCs ,series 300, have been designed .
The monitoring system have been designed by using Wincc software.
Location of installation :Mobarake steel company